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(Click to Listen-Through it All-Soul)

I loved him from my soul
A soul so old that stories have been told
That it channeled those through underground railroads
And boat loads of passengers through middle passages
That it kept the spirits of shackled men
and nursed the bellies of hungry babies
and was known as Mamie from children whose eyes were as blue as the ocean
but who had no depth like the ocean
whose lips spoke words of love and hatred through the years
until they realized that my tears flowed from brown eyes and trickled down black skin when I cried
until they realized my body was somewhat a commodity on auction blocks to be sold to the highest bidder goes
but not my soul
see my soul persevered the move from the big house to the out house
from physical lacerations and verbal degradation
to being spit on by white men in the morning to be being licked on by white men at night
to hiding in plain sight the emotional scars of being locked in a caged field with no bars
and praying nightly and worshipping daily that death
death be the key to comes to set my soul free tomorrow
but see death never came to me and my soul still grows old
and this
this is the soul that I loved him with
and If my soul survived this what make him think that my soul wouldn’t survive our split